Fall 2020 will not look like other semesters and academic year 2020-2021 will not look like other years.  This summer faculty have been learning new pedagogical technologies and techniques, creating new immersive courses and retooling existing ones.  And in the midst of that the social revolution provoked by Black Lives Matter erupted posing a series of vital questions to the academy, the college and the department.  The result of all this ferment has been a wholesale revision of our course offerings and our teaching, probably the most extensive rethinking of both the content and form of pedagogy since the founding of the department.

We invite majors – and any interested students - to attend our zoom meeting on Wednesday, July 23 at 12 noon where these curricular changes will be laid out (zoom link).

Please feel free to contact your major advisor (or the Chair, Brian Larkin) with any questions you may have about your academic schedule. You can read the full Leave of Absence Policy here, and access other pertinent policies here.