¡Patria libre y vivir! Photography and Protest in Nicaragua. A talk given by Ileana Selejan

February 11, 2019

¡Patria libre y vivir! Photography and Protest in Nicaragua 

A talk and conversation with ILEANA SELEJAN 

Monday, February 18 6pm
Diana Center 504
all are welcome

Drawing on art historical methods and first hand ethnographic research, Ileana Selejan seeks to provide an analysis of key images and imagery that accompanied the rise of the April 2018 protests in Managua, reflecting on the use of the phone camera as a tool for demanding justice as well as for witnessing and documenting “live” history. The sudden appearance of new images in the visual public sphere manifested itself as an overflow of content against a backdrop of prolonged silence due to censorship. This effervescence nonetheless spurred iconoclastic acts on a par, and Latour’s thesis (2002) becomes immediately relevant here. Selejan will revisit theoretical notions concerning the proliferation of images via photographic technologies in the context of immediate conflict, reflecting on what makes images particularly powerful and effective in an activist sense, spurring audiences into action. 

Sponsored by Barnard Anthropology and Art History

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