General Anthropology Major

Eleven courses are required for the General Anthropology Major, including:
  • ANTH UN 1002 The Interpretation of Culture

andone of the following introductory classes:

  • ANTH UN 1007 The Origins of Human Society
  • ANTH UN 1008 The Rise of Civilization
  • ANTH UN 1009 Introduction to Language and Culture
  • EEEB UN 1010 The Human Species: Its Place in Nature


  • ANTH UN 3040 Anthropological Theory (PLEASE NOTE: The requirements of the General Anthropology Major have recently changed. Whereas both ANTH UN 3040 and 3041 had previously been required, they have now been combined into a single seminar (the new ANTH UN 3040), which will be taught during the Spring term in 2018-19. Majors who previously took either ANTH UN 3040 or 3041 will have fulfilled this requirement. Majors who have not yet taken this course should plan to enroll in ANTH UN 3040.)


  • BC 3871 Senior Thesis Seminar I
  • BC 3872 Senior Thesis Seminar II


  • Six electives in the major, only one of which may be a further introductory class.
  • Four electives must be 3000 level or higher and must be taken at Barnard or Columbia.


Funding for Senior Thesis Research:
  • Fieldwork Research Grant in Anthropology: The Department of Anthropology awards funds for senior thesis research to be carried out in the summer between the junior and senior year. Students who wish to apply should develop ideas with their major advisor. The application procedure can be downloaded here. Funds for Senior Thesis Research Applications are due Monday, April 22, 2019. Click here for file download. 

  • Tow Foundation Travel Fellowship: Barnard rising seniors seeking funding for travel expenses related to research for their senior essay should contact the Junior Class Dean in the fall of junior year about the Tow Travel Fellowship. Candidates must apply to the Committee on Honors (CoH) before March 1st of the junior year to request support for travel that will take place during the summer between the junior and senior years. Starting in 2002 the Tow Foundation has donated $25,000 each year to support senior research-related travel. Individual awards have ranged between $1,000 and $3,500.

  • Lucyle Hook Travel Grants: The Lucyle Hook Travel Grants are awarded by the Committee on Honors to promising Barnard rising or current seniors with enriching, eclectic senior projects who demonstrate originality and self-direction. Students seeking funding for travel and other research expenses related to their senior essay project can apply to the CoH for this grant. Expenses may be incurred during the summer prior to the senior year as well as during the senior year, i.e. the rising or current senior may apply in November for either the previous or the following summer. The applicant should submit a full description of her essay with a detailed estimate of expenses, along with a letter of recommendation from her (prospective) senior essay advisor, to the attention of Junior Class Dean. The nomination deadline usually is around November 10. About $1,500 is available each year, with most grants in the $100-$300 range.

Obtaining human subjects (RASCAL-CITI) certification
  • Required for all anthropology class assignments and papers, and senior thesis projects, that involve human subjects research. Please see the following attachment for how to register with CITI and receive training. Once you complete this training it is good for a full calendar year and applies to all subsequent projects during that time period. Make certain you print out your certificate that confirms you have completed the necessary training. Give a copy of this to your instructor and/or supervisor, as appropriate.